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National PTA Reflections welcomes, free of charge, students from all grades and abilities to explore and be involved in the arts. Annually, thousands of students will reflect on a common theme and create original works of art in the categories of Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography and Visual Arts.

The arts—and the National PTA Reflections program—support student success and serve as a valuable tool for building strong partnerships in your school community. Celebrate arts learning in your school community with Reflections.

Started in 1969 by (then) Colorado State PTA President, Mary Lou Anderson, Reflections has since become an international program as PTAs in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and US military schools overseas have joined the 50 states to participate in this program.

Each year a Theme Search ContestDance Ballroom Shoes Ankle Blue Sequins Latin Strap Glitter TDA Womens Tango Salsa Modern Wedding Comfort  is held where students can submit ideas for upcoming years. Entries are narrowed down to 5 per state and then the National PTA Reflections Committee makes a final selection.

PTA parents volunteer their time to work with Utah PTA and learn about the Reflections program and then host it in their schools.  They inform students of the theme, distribute rules and entry forms, collect and judge art and recognize students for their efforts.  This can be a time consuming job.  Our Utah PTA prents have continually been outstanding and have done their very best to serve our students who want to participate in the arts.

Reflections uses a judging process that assists in narrowing down the number of entries as artwork passes through different levels of PTA. In Utah we generally have between 10,000 and 13,000 entries submitted each year, nationally around 300,000 entries are submitted.

There are 2 awards given by PTA - the Award of Excellence and the Award of Merit. The Award of Excellence award is given to the entries that are judged to be the best in their category.  These entries then move on to the next level of judging. The Award of Merit recipients are the runners up and are recognized at the school, council and region level. If a school (council and region) desires, they can also offer additional awards such as Honorable Mention or Participation awards. National and Utah PTA encourage schools to hold an assembly or event of some sort that recognizes not only the students who receive awards but all students that participate. If this is done and how it is handled is up to the school/council/region.

How artwork advances in Utah - In Utah, our state is broken into 21 Regions.  Eleven of those regions are large enough that they are then broken into Councils (we have 56 Councils.)  The council and region leaders work with Utah PTA to train and oversee the PTA programs held in the schools.  When the Award of Excellence winners advance from their school they move to Council or Region, depending on your area.  Students artwork must receive an Award of Excellence to advance through these levels and then to Utah PTA. If they receive an Award of Excellence at the state level, they are then advanced to National PTA for the final round of judging. Each level in the PTA is allowed to forward on up to 30 entries - 5 for each of the 6 arts categories.

For Reflections questions, please email

General & Arts Category Rules Pages

There are 2 rules pages that students need, the 18-19 Official Rules for Participation page AND the Rules for the arts category which they plan to enter, ie: 18-19 Rules Literature.  

A Rules Summary page is included below which has very brief definitions of each category's rules.  To ensure that students are following all rules for participation, they need to have access to both the Rules for Participation and Rules page for their specific arts category along with the Rules Summary page.

Information about Special Artist entries is included in the Official Rules.

Students may submit multiple entries - only one (1) entry per arts category


Reflections Information


To register your PTA and for the Student Entry Portal go here:

Who Is Eligible to Participate in Reflections?

Reflections is a program offered to students who are enrolled in a PTA school.  For Secondary Schools (Middle/Jr and High Schools) you need to be enrolled in a class that offers credits to participate.  For Elementary schools you need to be enrolled for one class offered during school hours to participate. For questions please contact

Reflections Theme

The Reflections Theme for the 2018-19 school year is:

"Heroes Around Me"


Attached Documents: 

2018-19 National PTA Reflections Theme Search

Join the search for a future program theme!


National PTA Reflections sponsors a student‐focused Theme Search Contest annually to determine a future program theme. The National winner will be selected in January and will receive $100 and recognition at the National PTA Convention.

Below are the 5 winning entries selected by the Board of Directors at their meeting in November. They have been sent to National for judging at that level.


"Look Within" - Enashele Campbell, H Guy Child Elementary PTA

"In a Blink of an Eye" - Sienna Fairclough, Rosamond Elementary PTA

"In the future" - Timothy Dick , Rosamond Elementary PTA

"Find Joy in the Journey" - Caroline Morgan,  E.M. Whitesides Elementary PTA

"Power Within" - Maycie Reich, Monte Vista Elementary PTA


CONGRATULATIONS to Womens Blue Comfort Tango Glitter Salsa Dance Strap Sequins Shoes Ballroom TDA Latin Modern Ankle Wedding Enashele Campbell whose entry "Look Within" was selected by National PTA as the Reflections Theme for the 2020-2021 Reflections program year!!

Entry Forms

The Student Entry Form and Artist Statement Form are now on the same form!  You asked and we listened!  You now only need to print off one piece of paper.  Both sections still need to be completed.  If you need more space to complete the Artist Statement, please use another piece of paper and attach it to the orginal form.

Please NOTE: Ballroom Womens Tango Salsa Sequins Glitter Wedding Ankle Comfort Shoes Dance Modern TDA Latin Strap Blue  The Student Entry Form MUST have handwritten signatures on it, typed names, does not give consent.

Students may submit multiple entries - only one (1) entry per arts category


Understanding that calendars vary from region to region, the only deadline Utah PTA sets is the day Region entries are due to the state, which is Monday January 22nd, 2019.

Dance Modern Strap Ankle Wedding Tango Comfort Blue Salsa TDA Ballroom Womens Latin Sequins Shoes Glitter Those Regions who do not have a Region Director, entries are due January 7th, 2019. If you are not sure if you have a Region DIrector, please send us an email.

Region, councils (where applicable) and schools all set their own guidelines. Please contact your school to find out when entries are due.


Local Leaders Information - Reflections Chairs Only

Register Your PTA

  • Visit, click “Register My PTA” and enter your PTA’s 8-digit ID number.
  • Shoes Tango Ballroom Strap Wedding Comfort Blue Modern Salsa Ankle Latin Womens TDA Glitter Dance Sequins Enter your PTA Name, City, State, ZIP.
  • Enter the  PTA Leader Name, Title, Address, City, State, ZIP.  **This should be the Reflection Specialist Info**
  • Enter your School Name, Number of Students Enrolled, Title I Status (Y/N), Percent of students who receive free/reduced priced lunches.
  • Enter additional contacts who wish to receive program communications from State and National PTA. 
  • Click “Submit” and receive a confirmation email

PTA Reflections Winners

 For a list of the Utah PTA Reflections winners for the 2017-2018 school year, please click on link below.

Reflections Awards

Need Reflections awards? Check out what National PTA has for you at